v0.1.5 Update Notice

Update includes a brand new city-based map: Riverton Ruins


We are planning to update Iron Conflict to v.0.1.5 on 3/11 at 2AM GMT. Maintenance time is projected to last 1 hour, during which time players will not be able to enter the game. Maintenance compensation: 2-hr EXP Card *1, 2-hr Silver Card *1. Here are the update contents:


[New Additions]

1. New map: Riverton Ruins. All three currently available game modes will be available for this map.

2. Battle Assist function: Units that purchase Battle Assist will get 20% extra earnings after battle. Players can turn this function on and off at will. When enabled, the unit EXP this unit earns from battles will be spread among any units of the same formation that do not have their own Battle Assist function turned on.

3. Added a new report function and a Reputation system.



1. Adjusted in-battle unit bar and chat interface.

2. Adjusted AI unit pick ratio.

3. Daily Mission rewards increase along with the highest unit tier you’ve unlocked starting at T6.


[Bug Fixes]

1. Fixed bug that caused guided missile aiming circle to expand when using the Quick Reload accessory.

2. Fixed bug that caused missile trajectory error when using the F key to fire after opening the guided missile aiming scope.

3. Fixed bug that caused infantry to revert to default weapon after using a rocket launcher to destroy a target in Stage 3 of the tutorial.

4. Fixed bug in the Encounter game mode that caused the capture circle to revert back to white after the enemy base had been captured.

5. Fixed bug on the Dustwater map that caused a tree next to the pond to float in the air upon being hit.

6. AI units can no longer pick the WZ11 helicopter.


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