Patch Notes v0.0.4

Iron Conflict will be updated to v.0.0.4 on 1/20 at approximately 11PM GMT. This update consists mostly of bug fixes and optimizations based on player feedback.

Here are the contents of the update:
1. Fixed a bug in which artillery aim circles would not shrink when aimed at certain angles.
2. Resolved most known spots on Dustwater where units could get stuck.
3. Fixed a bug in which some players would be kicked back to the login interface after a battle ended.
4. Fixed a bug in which some players would be determined to be idling after all units had died.
5. Fixed spots on Dustwater where some buildings would block artillery shells (for example electrical wires and towers).
6. Fixed bug in which some units would move before the pre-round countdown had reached 0.
7. Fixed bug in which AI would not attack under certain circumstances.
8. Fixed bug in which some units would not disappear from status bar after being destroyed.
9. Removed common English words and letter combinations such as "is," "av," "game," and more from the profanity filter.
10. Increased in-game chat channel character limit.
11. Adjusted plane unit jammers. Simply pressing the Q key will launch them (there is no need to press F anymore).
12. Added a notice that will display the reason a unit cannot be sold.
13. Event skins will say "Cannot buy" instead of displaying an unrealistic price of 9,999 Gold.
14. Units whose purchase conditions haven't been met will be indicated as such in the tech tree.
15. Fixed error with friends list when logging into the game.
16. Adjusted Tier 8 unit Silver and EXP rewards.
Thank you for your continued feedback and suggestions. We are committed to optimizing and improving the game based upon this feedback. We will be providing more bug fixes and improvements in the near future. In addition, at the beginning of February we are planning to release an update including helicopter units and a friend function, with much more to follow.
See you on the battlefield!
The Iron Conflict Team