Iron Conflict Release Date



We are proud to announce that Iron Conflict will release into Early Access on January 8, 2021. The game will start at $14.99. Wishlist the game HERE.


Upon purchase, players will also receive the following in-game items:

1 Dragon Faction Lv. 8 tank skin

1 Eagle Faction Lv. 8 tank skin

1 3-month Premium Card

10 Garage Slots (5 for each faction)

2,000 Gold

1,000,000 Silver

20 1-hr Double EXP Cards

20 1-hr Double Silver Cards


Players who participated in the Playtest will also receive:

1 L-31 plane skin

1,000 Gold

1,000,000 Silver


We’d also like to remind you that players who reached one of the following unit tiers during the Playtest will receive additional Gold if they buy the game when it is released into Early Access.


Here is the reward chart:


Playtest Unit Tier - Reward for EA Release


Tier 5 Unit - 1000 Gold

Tier 6 Unit - 1500 Gold

Tier 7 Unit - 2500 Gold

Tier 8 Unit - 3500 Gold


Iron Conflict is a multiplayer real-time strategy and tactics game featuring hundreds of units spanning from the end of World War II through the modern era. Players create formations of three units each and team up with their friends, using their tactical skills and teamwork to defeat the enemy.


In addition to the 10v10 Encounter mode, the Early Access version will also include a Resource War mode and many other gameplay improvements. In the near future, a new map will be added as well as additional units. Stay tuned on the official Steam page and Discord server for the latest news.


You can watch the release trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vFviRKoGgI


Join our Discord here: https://discord.gg/XuXPU8w

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We will see you on the battlefield, Commanders!