Playtest Extension

Greetings, Commanders!

We are happy to announce that the Iron Conflict playtest has been extended through November 13th at 7PM PST!

We’ve been receiving lots of helpful feedback on our Discord server and on the Steam Community forums. Thanks to everyone who has been helping to make Iron Conflict as good as it can be!

To further help us make the game better, please fill out our Playtest Survey here: https://forms.gle/FtrSxEQBbnhxfRLV8

Complete the survey to get a giftpack code containing 6,000 Gold and 600,000 Silver!

We’d also like to announce that dedicated playtest players can earn rewards that they can redeem in-game when the game goes into Early Access later this year!

When you reach one of the following unit tiers during the playtest, we will award you Gold when the game is released into Early Access.

Here is the chart:

Playtest Unit Tier   -    Reward for EA Release

Tier 5 Unit        -        1000 Gold

Tier 6 Unit        -        1500 Gold

Tier 7 Unit        -        2500 Gold

Tier 8 Unit        -        3500 Gold

Join our Discord here: https://discord.gg/XuXPU8w

Thanks for playing, Commanders!

See you on the battlefield!