Sign up for the Iron Conflict Steam Playtest

Greetings, Commanders!

We’ve been hard at work making changes to Iron Conflict since our August closed beta. Now we’re excited to announce that we will be holding a playtest using the Steam Playtest function. The playtest will officially begin the last week of October, but you can sign up for it now!

To sign up, all you have to do is click the “Request Access” button on our Steam store page:

This playtest will incorporate a number of new things we’ve been working on, as well as changes based on player feedback from the August beta.

Additions and changes:

- Brand new map has been added. This is to emphasize the competitive nature of the game. In the future, additional hand-crafted and visually-diverse maps will be added.
- Additional spawn points have been added to reduce unit clutter at the start of each match.
- Capturing the enemy point doesn’t take as long.
- When a player capturing a point is attacked, the capture progress will no longer be reduced to 0, though capture progress can be reversed.

- Russian language support has been added

- A new aerial visual range system has been added. Combat aerial units have a long visual range against other aerial units, but a relatively weak visual range against ground units. Surveillance aerial units have a long aerial visual range but a relatively short ground visual range.
- Aerial unit HP has been reduced.
- Tank acceleration has been increased so that tank units feel more responsive, but different tanks travel at different speeds.
- The effect of tank turret rotation on shot spread has been greatly reduced.
- Area affected by artillery splash damage has been reduced, while damage has been increased.
- Area affected by guided missile splash damage has been reduced, while splash damage inflicted has been increased.
- Area affected by bomber splash damage has been reduced, while splash damage inflicted has been increased.
- Infantry units now consist of groups of five soldiers instead of just one.

In-battle UI
- Movement path and attack range of all units can now be shown by pressing SHIFT.
- Fog of war has been implemented on the map and the minimap, providing a visual representation of each unit’s visual range.
- Units are now easier to see when the camera is moved to a higher altitude.

Menu UI
- The formation interface in the game’s main menu is now horizontal instead of a vertical drop-down, making a formation’s units easier to see.
- A formation’s units can be chosen simply by clicking on them, and changes are now automatically saved.
- The loading interface now features a map preview as well as match objectives.
- Pressing TAB in-battle now opens a detailed battle report showing the status of all players and units, as well as score.
- A simplified battle report UI is present at all times in the corners of the screen.
- The unit status bar at the bottom of the screen has been improved to show the HP and status of your units.

- The tutorial portal has been added to show the Tutorial and Missions.
- The tutorial is now divided into six chapters that can be played at will. Once a chapter has been completed, it can be replayed, though its rewards cannot be collected again.