1. Light Tanks
  2. Medium Tanks
  3. Heavy Tanks
  • Light Tanks

    High mobility, with considerable defense and firepower. These units can inflict fatal flank attacks upon rear enemy units, or stay behind to assist friendly support units.

  • Medium Tanks

    Well-rounded defense, mobility, and firepower. These units are often seen assisting heavy tanks, or rear support units. These units can fill multiple roles as the battle situation changes.

  • Heavy Tanks

    High firepower and defense. These units are rendered vulnerable by their slow mobility, and require use of terrain and supporting units to be most effective on the front lines.

  1. Recon Planes
  2. Fighter Jets
  3. Bombers
  • Recon Planes

    Unmatched visual range and mobility. These units are used for quick reconnaissance, but are easily spotted, and lack any ability to defend themselves.

  • Fighter Jets

    The main fighting force in the skies. These units are mobile, but have limited visual range and are weak to anti-air units. Once the skies are safe, they can help attack enemy ground units.

  • Bombers

    Your main anti-ground air force. These units are dispatched once recon units have spotted the enemy. They are unable to defend themselves, and are especially weak to anti-air units.

  1. Artillery
  2. AA Cannons
  • Artillery

    Medium range firepower and decent mobility. These units are effective against heavy armored ground units, but are easily hindered by terrain. These units require strategic positioning.

  • AA Cannons

    Superior air defense. These units are mainly used to stave off enemy air forces, though are also able to attack infantry and ground units with weak armor. They have weak mobility.

  1. AA Missiles
  2. SSMs
  • AA Missiles

    These units are unable to attack other ground units. Against air units, they have superior range and firepower. They are unable to fire while mobile, and should be kept in the rear.

  • SSMs

    These units have superior firepower against ground units and can fire long distances, but take a long time to aim and reload. They should be located far from the front lines.

  1. Scouts
  2. Fighters
  • Scouts

    Powerful visual range and concealment. They are not easily spotted by enemies, but are weak to attacks. They should be hidden near the front lines, where they can easily spot enemy units.

  • Fighters

    These units are great for support, but have weak visual range and require accessories to attack certain unit types. They deal decent damage to light armor units and are good for ambushes.